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do you have somewhere short explanation what is genus, tribus and

 = taxonomic group containing one or more related species
 = A group in the classification of organisms. Classification level above
the species group. It consists of similar species. Similar genera (plural
form of genus) are grouped into a family

= a taxonomic category between a genus and a subfamily

= a taxonomic group containing one or more genera;
= a division of classification including a number of genera agreeing in one
or a set of characters and so closely related that they apparently are
descended from one stem (definition by Smith).
= A major category in the taxonomic hierarchy, comprising groups of similar
genera. Families are thought by some to represent the highest natural
grouping. The Latin names of families usually end in the suffix -aceae
(plants) or - idae (animals). Groups of similar families are placed in
orders. Large families may be split into tribes.
= 5th rank in Taxonomic system. Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family,
Genus, Species. Family names end in -aceae for plants, eg Liliaceae
(lilies), and -idae for animals, eg Macropodidae (kangaroos).Biology - Flora
& Fauna. Ref MM

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