SLIKS - a new FREE interactive keying program

Stinger Guala stinger at STINGERSPLACE.COM
Mon Nov 29 00:26:53 CST 2004

Greetings all,

This is to formally announce the availability of a new interactive keying
program that I wrote to fill in some of the gaps in the portability and
acessibility of the current software that is out there. It is called SLIKS
(Stinger's Lightweight  Interactive Key Software)and although it does have its
own very simple data format and only uses multistate (incl. binary) characters,
it is truly free and runs on most machines in most browsers without plugins or
special installations.  You can see some demos and download a copy for yourself

Some more information about SLIKS:

    * SLIKS is FREE and it can't be sold (see the license) so you won't ever be
ransomed to use your own data in it.
    * It requires no special program or plugin installations so the many users
who are prohibited by their employers from installing software or who are just
unwilling to install software or plugins can use it.
    * It runs right in your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera), even on
Pocket PC (the PDA version). SLIKS Version 1.0  runs in mozilla based browsers
(like netscape and firefox) as well and I hope to make all versions
ubiquitously compatible eventually.
    * I don't want your email address, I don't care who you are, there aren't
any ads, and I don't want your money.  I'll be happy if you just use the
program, cite it appropriately, and maybe say something nice about me in public
    * SLIKS is very easy to put a data set into. There is only one file to make
and you don't need any software that you don't already have.
    * SLIKS uses multistate or binary characters.
    * SLIKS is extremely easy to set up on your website. Just copy the files to
a web enabled directory and it runs.
    * There are no hidden formats. You can make your key as beautiful and well
illustrated as you want using simple web pages and web image formats (jpeg, gif
etc). If you can make a word processing document and  "save as" html,  you can
make richly illustrated keys. If you can cut and paste the URL/Address/Location
line from your web browser, you can link your key to anyplace on the WWW.
    * If you think that you can make it better, do it. Just follow the license.
The program isn't compiled so all of the code is right there for you to see.


Stinger Guala

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