Real taxa => Ranking

Peter Stevens peter.stevens at MOBOT.ORG
Fri Oct 1 14:03:52 CDT 2004

>At 10:41 PM -0500 9/29/04, Ken Kinman wrote:
>   And in spite of Peter Stevens' protest, I will continue to argue
>about naturalness, simply because it was strict cladists who have
>themselves repeatedly invoked "naturalness" as an argument against
>the use of paraphyletic groups.  They started it, and I am simply
>responding to their uninformed rhetoric

Umm, a rather limited slice of biological history.   This has been a
problem for well over a century, if not two, "strict cladists"
unfortunately bought into the general style of discourse in this
respect.  But two wrongs does not make a right...


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