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Vincent Merckx vincent.merckx at BIO.KULEUVEN.AC.BE
Wed Oct 6 15:47:05 CDT 2004

Dear Taxacommer,

I'm forwarding a press release for iMap 3, a new version of the popular
Mac OS X mapping application. As one of the iMap 3 beta testers, I have
been following this product through its development and I think that
iMap will benefit many users on this list. iMap offers the possibility
to easily create specimen distribution maps. The new version adds many
new features, see the press release below:


iMap 3 has been completely rewritten, sporting more than 30 new

- seamless integration with databases and spreadsheets
- the ability to import entire databases, preserving all fields and
- the possibility to query the map against information in the database
- a new file format which encapsulates both the map and the data
- the ability to work with and export high resolution maps
- the possibility to add labels to records
- much more symbols to choose from, as well as support for shadows and
- support for vector maps (Arc/Info .e00 files and boundary files)
- the ability to map records based on US Zip codes
- a more convenient calibration process
- the possibility to measure distances between records
- the ability to set the size of a record to be proportional to a field
- a new plug-in format, enabling anyone to extend iMap's functionality

These are just some of the many new features in iMap. We have worked
hard to incorporate as many feature request as we could and we are
confident that you will love the new iMap.

For existing iMap 2 customers, we have made it very easy to upgrade:
iMap 3 imports all your existing iMap 2 data files and maps into its
new map format. And to thank our 2.0 customers, we are offering an
upgrade to the full iMap 3.0 version for only $99 (in stead of the $199
single user license).

To read more about iMap's new features or to see some sample maps
created using iMap, visit the iMap website:
iMap 3 is shareware and can be downloaded directly: It requires Mac OS X 10.3 or
Biovolution is committed to developing affordable, high-quality
scientific software for Mac OS X.

Vincent Merckx
Laboratory of Plant Systematics, K.U.Leuven
Institute of Botany and Microbiology
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