Rafinesque and 1950 Botanical Congress in Stockholm

Jim Endersby jje21 at CAM.AC.UK
Thu Oct 7 02:31:09 CDT 2004


Further to my earlier posting on Rafinesque's reputation, I am trying to
sort what happened at the 1950 International Botanical Congress in
Stockholm. According to Charles Boewe, who is the leading Rafinesque
scholar, an attempt was made to expunge all Rafinesque's work from the
botanical record. However, there was no motion to this effect as far as I
can see, nor any record of it in the Proceedings of the Congress. Boewe
tells me that "the story was told to me orally by the late Joseph Ewan,
who did attend the 1950 Stockholm Congress" and assumes there's no record
of it because the motion was defeated.

I know it was a long time ago, but botanists are a long-lived bunch. Is
there, by any chance, someone who reads this list who was there? Or do you
know anyone who was? Or knew Ewan and heard the same story? Or do you know
of any written accounts of the Congress other than the official records?

Any help would be much appreciated: please email me directly rather than
clogging up this list with a rather tangential matter. I will post a
summary of anything interesting to the list once I've compiled one.

Many thanks, Jim Endersby

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