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  Le 12-10-2004, à 10:29 -0700, nous recevions de Doug Yanega :

>Hi, all. I've come across something I'm having trouble with. There is
>a nymphalid genus Heteropsis Westwood 1850 and - apparently - a genus
>Heteropsis Guenée 1857 (which I presume is also a lepidopteran), AND
>a New Zealand weevil genus Heteropsis (it's also a plant genus, but
>that's irrelevant).  Using the web, and my literature at hand, I'm
>unable to track down what the Guenée name applies to, or the author
>of the weevil genus, and whether either of the two latter names are
>presently treated as valid. Anyone able to help out?

    Dans Gallica (Bibliothèque nationale) :

on trouve 7 publications de Guenée.

    En fait, le nom Heteropsis a été publié par Guenée, dans Boisduval
et Guenée. Histoire naturelle des insectes, Species général des
Lépidoptères, Uranides, Phalénites, Siculides, 10, p. 510 (1857).

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