ICZN changes not online?

Eduard Stloukal stloukal at FNS.UNIBA.SK
Wed Oct 13 22:06:45 CDT 2004

Deal all,

people who took part to the Final meeting of the Fauna Europaea project
(Paris, two weeks ago) appreciated an information presented by Andrew
Polaszek from the IZCN entitled THE FUTURE OF ZOOLOGICAL TAXONOMY, where
he informed about plans to prepare online user friendly new version of
With my best wishes
Ed Stloukal

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Department of Zoology, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Subject: [TAXACOM] ICZN changes not online?

Dear All,
      Is the latest edition of the ICZN, or even the major new changes it
      contains, available anywhere online?   If not, is it a matter of
      copyright and feared loss of revenue from sales of the printed book?
        If we want to prevent nomenclatural errors, shouldn't the
      provisions of the Code be made more accessible?   I cannot
      understand why, at the very least, the major new changes should not
      be allowed to be posted online (as they apparently were for a short
     Of course, that wouldn't have prevented the recent naming of Family
     Saccosporidae (which unfortunately DID turn out to be an invalid
     descriptive name, NOT based on a type genus).  However, I am somewhat
     concerned that provisions of the Code are so protected by copyright
     that it tends to impede one of its main goals (ensuring that new
     taxon names are properly formed).          ---------- Ken Kinman
P.S.  Whether Buddenbrockiidae will be the formal replacement name for
Saccosporidae (or not) is unclear.  Not having a copy of the latest
edition of ICZN, I am unsure how this case will be resolved.  Thankfully,
it is not really my decision to make.  I could only point out the problem
to the authors and hope for the best.  Time will tell.

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