Interbreeding of Neanderthals & Modern humans

B.J.Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
Wed Oct 20 07:25:44 CDT 2004

If I recall I saw a programme within the last year or so which included
reference to a fossil skeleton found in Portugal (?) which seemed to
suggest a combination of features from Neanderthals and the invading modern
human population - from which the suggestion was made that they may have
been able to interbreed. Perhaps someone on the list has more details.

At 20:50 19.10.2004 -0500, Ken Kinman wrote:
>Dear All,
>      I was just watching (for the second time) the PBS program
"Neanderthals On Trial".  It seems to me that two separate questions are
sometimes being confused as being just one big question "smushed" together.
>     Even if there is little or no trace of Neanderthals in modern
populations, that does NOT mean that they didn't interbreed during the time
that moderns began invading Europe.  Given our species tendency to
discriminate racially (or even religiously), it wouldn't be at all
surprising that Neanderthal genes got swamped out over the centuries.
I've never understood those who insist that Neanderthals were a separate
species from us, and continue to just ignore any evidence that
interbreeding probably did occur (although just how much occurred is
anybody's guess).
>                    ---- Cheers,
>                             Ken Kinman

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