Interbreeding of Neanderthals & Modern humans

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We have to be very careful about the concusions drawn from the observation
that 2 species of Homo have the same pest species, in this case Pediculus

Either our assessment of what represents two Homo species is incorrect, or,
we have to assume that Homo species evolve faster than has Pediculus
humanus, thus giving the apparent result that 2 species of Homo have the
same pest species.  ONE inference that can be drawn is that the 2 host Homo
species interbred.  However, it may not be the correct  inference.

That two species of mammal - or at least what competent mammalogists have
declared to be two species of mammals - have identical external parasites is
already known.  The two N. Am. pika species, Ochotona collaris and Ochotona
princeps, for example, have distributions that do not overlap.  However, the
species on each of the pikas is identical.  If brought together, I am sure
that there
could be interbreeding between the two pika species, but, as they have
distributions (one north, one south, of the Peace River Divide), they do

I offer a reason for the parasites to NOT evolve at the same rates as their
The habitat and environment on the host remains essentially the same: warm
furry.  As the habitat and environment of the hosts change, so do the hosts

Robin Leech

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> A recent news blurb in Science (8 Oct. p 210) reports on a mDNA study of
> (Pediculus humanus) that suggests interbreeding between H. erectus and H.
> sapiens.
> Herb

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