Interbreeding of Neanderthals & Modern humans

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Should it one day be accepted that H. neanderthalensis is a subspecies, and not specifically distinct from H. sapiens, an interesting point of nomenclature arises. H. sapiens is technically a nomen nudum; so H. neanderthalenis is the next available name (it has, I believe, a type specimen or material that could supply one formally). So, how would we feel being described as "neanderthals"? It could, of course, be claimed that "sapiens" is wildly optimistic, anyway!

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Subject:             Re: Interbreeding of Neanderthals & Modern humans
If I recall I saw a programme within the last year or so which included
reference to a fossil skeleton found in Portugal (?) which seemed to
suggest a combination of features from Neanderthals and the invading modern
human population - from which the suggestion was made that they may have
been able to interbreed. Perhaps someone on the list has more details.


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