Dromiina (was: Taxonomic Search Engine)

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Oct 30 10:15:47 CDT 2004

Instead of "is to be", this should read "has been" referred to the ICZN.  This case was referred to the ICZN in December 2003 (Case No. 3291).  The proposal is that the beetle taxon Dromiina be emended to "Dromieina" to solve this homonym problem.  This seems the best thing to do, since the crustacean taxon Dromiidae is used a lot more (and is even the nominal type of an entire Superfamily of crustaceans).
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Wolfgang Lorenz wrote:
     Dromiidae DeHaan, 1833 in Crustacea (type genus: Dromia Weber, 1795) is a junior homonym of Dromiina Bonelli, 1810 in Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae (type genus: Dromius Bonelli, 1810) resulting from similar generic names. Since both names are in use as valid names, the case is to be referred to the ICZN Commission for a ruling (Art. 55.3.1., ICZN 4th ed.).

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