R: [TAXACOM] Non type specimens

Livio Leoni livsuperleo at YAHOO.IT
Thu Sep 2 23:45:12 CDT 2004

My questions arose from my reading of some Copeia articles about fishes
because both in the diagnosis and in the statistical analysis some non-types
are used too.

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Paul van Rijckevorsel wrote:
> Under the ICBN a description cannot be "valid". Names can be validly
> published: a "description or diagnosis" is a requirement for the name to
> valid.
Same under the ICZN. For lack of evidence I've just assumed that's
what Livio's question was aiming at.

By the way, in case anybody from another realm is still contemplating
getting into this: I've since been informed offlist that the organisms
Livio is concerned with are in fact animals.


Martin Spies

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