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Tue Sep 14 08:30:47 CDT 2004

At 10:38 PM -0500 9/13/04, Ken Kinman wrote:
>Dear All,

... What I DO object to is the Order Malacovalvulida which (besides being a
poor name, in my opinion) is junior synonym of Order Buddenbrockiida
Kinman, 1994....     In any case, Order Buddenbrockiida Kinman, 1994, has
priority, and additionally the genus Buddenbrockia probably represents our
best clue to the origins of myxozoans and their presumed placement among
the Bilateria.
>           ------ Cheers,
>                        Ken Kinman

Remember that the ICZN has no rules covering taxon names above the
family-group rank. Thus, there is no rule of priority that anyone has to
follow. This allows us to reject names that we deem "poor" among other
things. - Barry

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