stat. nov. and type citation

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Combination only require the the place of publication of the basionym is
cited in full (journal/book, year, volume and (to be on the safe side where
the rules are somewhat complex), the single page on which the names was
introduced. No citation of the type is required since the 'new' name is
automatically typified by the type of the basionym.

Your terminology is slightly incorrect - well, it's more than slightly ;-)

First, publications of nomenclatural novelties are first 'effective' - i.e.
ink on paper in broad terms.

Second, they may be valid if the follow the rules for valid publication
(includinf effective publication).

and third, they may be legitimate if they are not contrary to the other
rules - basically not a homonym (same name, different type) or superfluous
(includes the type of a name which should have been used - e.g. citing a
specimen in material examined or a name which has priority in the same

Sounds complicated, and it is, overcomplicated in my opinion.

Hope this is all clear,


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From: Charlie Butterworth [mailto:charlie.butterworth at CGU.EDU]
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Subject: [TAXACOM] stat. nov. and type citation


In 1998, a couple of colleagues published a transfer of a legitimate species
of Mammillaria
into another species, but as a subspecies.  The stat nov publication
contained all the
necessary information for legitimate publication, but did not cite the type
specimen for the
basionym.  However, they explicitly cited the original publication details
immediately under
the new combination.

So, is the "new" subspecies" illegitimately published ie. a later homonym?
How would the
authors correct this?


Charles A. Butterworth
Desert Botanical Garden
Phoenix, Arizona

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