Rafinesque's reputation: posthumous attacks

Jim Endersby jje21 at CAM.AC.UK
Fri Sep 24 03:18:29 CDT 2004

Rafinesque's reputation: posthumous attacks

I'm in the process of trying to finish a paper on Rafinesque's posthumous
reputation and would be grateful if anyone who reads this list knows of
any published attacks on him or his taxonomic work other than the one's I
list below. Please feel free to email me directly (jje21 at cam.ac.uk) and I
will post a summary to the list in due course. (And please don't send me
your opinion as to why Rafinesque deserves to be condemned, unless you've
published it somewhere!) Many thanks, Jim Endersby

1. Asa Gray "American Journal of Science" (1841).
2. J.D. Hooker "Flora Indica" (1855).
3. [various unpublished comments are collected in Stuckey, Ronald
L. "Opinions of Rafinesque Expressed by His American Botanical
Contemporaries", in Boewe's "Profiles of Rafinesque", 2003].
4. C.A. Weatherby "Kew Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information" (1935).
5. Henricus Quatre [Leon Croizat], "Archivo Botanico" (1948).
6. C.A. Weatherby at Seventh International Botanical Congress, Stockholm

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