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Dear List members,

The Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center (SERTC), located within the South
Carolina Department of Natural Resources, will be hosting a DELTA workshop
in Charleston, SC, October 25-29, 2004.

 DELTA is a windows based taxonomic database that stores morphological data
and illustrations and then, among other things, makes them available in the
form of illustrated natural language descriptions, interactive keys, and as
output for phylogenetic analyses.

This workshop is one in a series, held to teach taxonomists how to use DELTA
to produce taxonomic information retrieval systems for the
website, with the eventual aim to produce an electronic monographic series
to the world Crustacea.

 Jim Lowry (Australian Museum) and Terry MacFarlane (Western Australian
Herbarium) will be instructing and the workshop will be limited to 12
participants. All participants will need to have an excellent working
knowledge of their taxa of study so that they can prepare a database during
the workshop time.

 Please contact Dr. Rachael King (kingr at for more
information and visit the workshop website at

 Dr. Rachael A. King
 Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center
 Marine Resources Resarch Institute
 PO Box 12559, Charleston SC, 29422, USA.
 Ph. 843-953-9794
 Fax. 843 953 9820
 Web page.
 Editor: The Ecdysiast (Newsletter of The Crustacean
 Society), see

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