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Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Tue Sep 28 10:02:24 CDT 2004

> Assigning higher taxonomic rank will *always* be subjective,
> because the higher rankings are *constructs* of *humans* attempting to
> indicate some level of evolutionary relationship.  The key item here is
> that *humans* are involved in the process of naming, so it can't
> be objective!!

As you said, I think most taxonomists/systematists would agree with this.
The point of contention seems to be whether the same statement applies to
species, subpecies, and other "lower" taxonomic ranks.  I have several times
challenged this list to persuade me that there is *any* taxonomic rank that
can be thought of as objective.  Although there have been some very
interesting (and spirited!) discussions, my challenge has gone unmet.


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