Archaeopterygid bird from China

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on 2005-04-01 06:02 John Grehan wrote:
> However you like to phrase it is ok with me, although the evolutionary
> meaning you give to it might be debatable (which I won't as its not
> accepted generally anyway).

"Accepted by you."

> It is also well known that vicariant differentiation is the norm for
> evolution

No, sorry, but thanks for playing. Perhaps you have forgotten, but the
entire decade-plus argument over punctuated equilibrium vs. gradualism
came down to absolutist views on modes of speciation. I think you'd be
hard-pressed to come up with "empirical evidence" that vicariance is the
"norm" across all species.

> I've go with that. So does that mean we stop using the center of origin
> concept? If so I would have no problem at all!

Giving up the concept (and I see some advantages to that) is not the
same as saying that species do not have localized origins.

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