Hominid manicures

John Grehan jgrehan at SCIENCEBUFF.ORG
Tue Apr 5 12:26:03 CDT 2005

A while back I made a comment about the nice hair cut shown in a
reconstruction of the Flores hominid (and one list contributor made the
nice suggestion that Homo erectus was the barber!). Now National
Geographic has come out with similarly proficient renditions of Flores
and Dmanisi. I could not resist sending in a note and since it's
doubtful it would get published I have reproduced it below for general


"As one involved with science and public communication I was intrigued
by the way the dramatic Flores and Dmanisi reconstructions suggest that
early hominids were proficient barbers. The illustrations show that
these hominids gave themselves decent hair cuts and they were able to
crop their beards and even shave their cheeks. These are impressive
abilities, particularly for the Flores fossil where the brain size is
little different from that of a modern ape."



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