lost Metcalf type (fulgorid from Brownsville)

Doug Yanega dyanega at UCR.EDU
Wed Apr 6 14:58:01 CDT 2005

Hi, all. Apologies for x-posting. A colleague and I are trying to pin
down the identity of the N American fulgorid _Crepusia (now Alphina)
glauca_ Metcalf 1923; Metcalf's publication stated the holotype male
was from Brownsville, TX, and the allotype female was from Nogales,
AZ (unfortunately, it looks like the Texas and Arizona populations of
this putative taxon are two or three different species - thus the
desperate need to locate the type). He did not state where the type
was deposited, however. We've tried North Carolina State University
(which probably should have had the type material), the Smithsonian,
the Field Museum, and Cornell, but with no luck so far. It *might* be
that Metcalf did not put "type" labels on the specimens, and/or
they've wandered off to some other repository, and/or have been
labeled with a different taxon name (there is some confusion between
this taxon and Calyptoproctus marmoratus, and they may even be
synonyms). So, this is a general request to anyone who has any
pre-1923 specimens from Brownsville labeled Crepusia glauca, Alphina
glauca, or Calyptoproctus marmoratus in their collection, especially
if they have Metcalf's determiner label on them; you *may* have
Metcalf's type, and we'd be grateful if you could contact me
off-list. I'd really rather not worry over designating a neotype
until I've exhausted all reasonable possibilities for tracking this
specimen down.

Thanks in advance,

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