Smart vs. wise sytematists

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> Subject: Re: Centre of origin digression
>> Behalf Of Richard Pyle
>> The smart systematist will not consider biogeographic distributions in
>> forming assertions about phylogenetic affinities; but the wise
> systematist
>> will.
> Nicely put.
> Among the 'smart' one might include (by their own statements) Gary
> Nelson, Chris Humphries, and Norman Platnick, among others.
> Among the 'wise' one might include Alfred Russell Wallace, Charles
> Darwin, Leon Croizat, Ernst Mayr, and Willie Hennig, among others.
> John Grehan

Actually, Humphries is on record (2004 citation if you want it) as
saying that character analysis only gives you classifications. If you want
phylogenetic trees, he says, you need information "beyond that available for
character analysis", and that includes biogeographical data. Not all
contemporary cladists are afraid to get Earth on their hands.
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