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This summer (27. June  -- 10. July) we will arrange a Hieracium-collection camp in the province of Värmland, along the Norwegian border just north of the great lake Vänern in Sweden. Everybody with the slightest interest in Hieracium and the flora of Sweden is most wellcome to participate for one or more days. Don't miss this unique opportunity to see lots of Hieracia and other plants in the westernmost parts of the Eurasian taiga-region!

The main aim with the camp is to collect as much material of Hieracium as possible from the province of Värmland, which is the next province in turn to be treated within my project "The Hawkweeds of Sweden". At present, 84 (micro-)species belonging to sect. Hieracium and 62 sp. of sect. Vulgata are known from the province together with an unknown number of species of the less-well-known groups sect. Oreadea, Tridentata and Foliosa, but most records are more then 50 years old and several species have not been refound for more than a century. The province have a varied geology with patches with ultra basic bedrock and a rich flora. Most of the province is sparsely populated and mainly covered with conifer forest but there are scattered human settlements with old species-rich meadows, in particular along the large rivers. In the eastern part of the province, the "Bergslagen", you may see the remnants of the oldest, and to a lesser extent still-ongoing, industrial activities in Sweden - the mines and associated small-scale metal industries that date back to the 11:th century. At many of these mines, a mixture of ores and limestones in combination with long cultural influence have resulted in a very rich flora, not least of Hieracium!

Another aim with the camp is to provide an opportunity for everybody interested in Hieracium to meet "under natural conditions", i.e. in the field among lots of interesting Hieracia! During daytime we will work in small groups, each with a  car and a GPS (bring these if you have!) and each group will be provided with a new map each day and some hints on where to search for Hieracia. In the evenings we will meet to discuss and and take care of the collected material (bring a press and lots of paper if you have!). Some day there will also be a common excursion when we will try to identify and learn the species in the field.

All collections will be identified and scrutinized during the autumn/winter and the more valuable collections will be deposited in Swedish public herbaria but there will certainly be lots of duplicates and other superflous material which we plan to distribute among the collectors and participants of the camp. Thus, as a participant of the camp you will also get an unique opportunity to get a collection of accurately identified Swedish Hieracia and one additional aim of the camp actually is to be able to provide as many interested botanists as possible with a reference herbarium containing at least the more common species, and to thereby make it possible for you to really learn to know these species.

The first week (from 26/27. June) the camp will be centered around the school at Inegsund, just south of Arvika, only 8 km from the border to Norway (325 km N of Gothenburg). We will use the school for the evening meetings and for taking care of the collections. It will probably be possible to sleep on the floor in the school but there is a nearby camping-place with small huts for rent as well as possibilities to tent. For those who need to have it more comfortable there are all kinds of hotels and hostels in the city of Arvika and if you contact me I have a list with phone numbers and alike. The second week the camp will move to a place in the eastern part of the province (most probably around Filipstad but details not yet settled) and there should be similar possibilities there.

If want to take this opportunity and help us all and, in particular, my project by participating for one or more days just contact me at torbjorn.tyler at ekol.lu.se and I will provide you with more details.

Most wellcome!

Torbjörn Tyler

PS. Please help me to distribute this message to everybody whom may be potentially interested! DS.


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