The meaning of "B.C.E."?

Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Sat Apr 16 15:05:23 CDT 2005

Curtis Clark wrote:
> on 2005-04-15 21:18 Robin Leech wrote:
> > Hi Taxacomers,
> > I am reading a Scientific American issue on anthropology,
> > and throughout the text the term "B.C.E." is used
> > What do these letters stand for, please?
> Before the Common Era. A non-denominational way of referring to the same
> calendric period that is also called B.C., Before Christ. A.D. (Anno
> Domini) is called C.E. (Common Era) in that system.

* it's just another way of flaunting the principle of priority and
confusing readers in order to gratify an author's unholy craving for
unnecessary novelty.

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