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Wed Apr 20 14:54:02 CDT 2005

Congratulations to all involved and especially Stan and Donald.

This is indeed good news, and I am sure will be a great advance for our science, and for the exchange and dissemination of biodiversity information into the future.

The outputs from TDWG over the past twenty years, carried out on a voluntary basis with virtually no funding, have been truly amazing - one can only wonder where it can now go with some funding behind it.  I wish it well.


Australian Biodiversity Information Services

>From "Berendsohn, Walter G." <w.berendsohn at BGBM.ORG> on 20 Apr 2005:

> Dear TDWG members and Colleagues:
> TDWG looks back at 20 years of efforts to advance standardisation of
> data used to describe, name and analyse global biodiversity. This year's
> meeting in St. Petersburg marks the discussion of several new standards
> that are of utmost importance for the establishment and operation of the
> Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).
> TDWG has always depended on voluntary contribution, its process being
> completely community driven. This has worked well whenever individuals
> and organisations have dedicated the time and efforts necessary to
> advance the standard development. However, this voluntary form of
> organisation has also been an impediment, not allowing us to move ahead
> the organisational tasks that surround a successful standardisation
> body, such as developing appropriate procedural rules, making the
> organisation and its scope known to all interested communities, and
> disseminating its results appropriately.
> I am therefore extremely pleased to report the success of efforts
> initiated last year by the than Chair of the TDWG Executive Committee,
> Stan Blum, and Donald Hobern, the GBIF's Programme Officer for Data
> Access and Database Interoperability, with the aim of giving TDWG a
> solid organisational base for its important function.
> The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has just awarded nearly USD 1.5
> million to the GBIF - TDWG partnership. The funded project is designed
> to establish a more formal process for development and maintenance of
> each of the TDWG standards. The grant also includes funding to implement
> online collaboration tools for use by, among others, the TDWG working
> groups. Enabling such collaboration is intended to increase the
> productivity of these groups. To carry out these tasks, dedicated staff
> will be recruited. Also, contracts will be placed to develop
> documentation and software tools to support the existing TDWG standards.
> In addition, the project will organise two international workshops aimed
> at developing a model and central services for global unique identifiers
> to be used in biodiversity informatics.
> During the 30 months of the project period, TDWG's ongoing requirements
> for staff and infrastructure will be examined, and a long-term support
> model will be developed for the organisation.
> Walter Berendsohn
> Chair, TDWG Executive Committee

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