Ivory-billed Woodpecker not extinct AND, Sacrificial Orchids

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Now THOSE are what I call sacrificial orchids: a few die that
many may live.  I sure hope we don't have to protect all our
sensitive plants and animals this way.
Robin Leech

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> I've seen the same thing happen with people chasing rare orchids,
> ostensibly to photograph them. In the Pine Barrens in NJ, there is a great
> little bog called Web's Bog, as I recall. Small boardwalk and nice
> orchids. It's sometimes referred to as the "sacrificial" bog, the idea
> being that if orchid photographers go here, trompling away as they leave
> the boardwalk, the rarer orchids in the Barrens might be protected.
> It would be hard to trample the area where the Ivory Bill was sighted, if
> the video was any guide. More likely to be waist deep in the big
> Muddy.....
> Kate McCain
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> Re: Ivory-billed Woodpecker not extinct
> Thanks for that note, Ken.
> Now, if they will just keep the hordes of birders on a leash and OUT of
> the
> area, things will be OK.
> It has been my experience that everyone and his brother will try to tromp
> into
> the area to have a peek at these birds.
> I have seen areas in Ontario that have been declared natural areas totally
> destroyed by birders and others who, pardon the pun, flocked into and
> walked everywhere in an effort to confirm that yes, IT WAS a natural area.

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