fly or bee?

Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Mon Aug 15 06:59:59 CDT 2005

Gentle folks:

i am confused.  in the august 2005 issue of the national geographic
magazine, on page 90 (an un numbered fold out page) there is a picture
of a fossil critter.   the caption directly on the critter says it is
Florinemestrius pulcherrimus. To me it sure looks like a fly - diptera.
but the paragraph in which the picture is placed refers to it as a bee -
hymenoptera  and goes on about bees feeding techniques and role in
pollinating  flowers.  would someone please take a look and tell me if
this is a bee or a fly.     having grown up on national geographic i
tend to like to think they do not make mistakes. but in years recent,
especially with fossil stuff, they seem to be having problems.  am i
right or am i wrong.  i think it is a fly.

cheers!  rof

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