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For those interested the following popular science article was recently


Small, M.F. 2005. Relative obscurity. Cosmos 2 (2 pp.)


A pdf copy can be accessed at


It provides a very succinct outline of the basic issues and some nice
quotes by the opposition: 

Maryellen Ruvolo "Many scientists have just spent millions of dollars of
U.S. taxpayers money, and countless hours, determining the DNA sequence
of the chimpanzee genome and analyzing it, because the chimpanzees are
the closest evolutionary relatives to humans" 


"How Jeff Schwartz can get away with maintaining his incorrect position
in this day and age of ample molecular evidence is inconceivable". 

If nothing else it's a nice example of how science actually works rather
than the objective fantasy that undergrad students and the public are so
often fed. I guess the message is that us US taxpayers out there are
committed to the chimpanzee theory because we have paid so much for it!


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