Unknown Rhinolophus from Sabah

Börge Pettersson Borge.Pettersson at CBM.SLU.SE
Tue Feb 1 14:30:54 CST 2005

Dear fellow biologists,
Can somebody help me with the determination to 
species level of this horseshoe-bat from the 
Camel Trophy Camp in Maliau Basin in Sabah, 
Borneo? The photos, which all are from the same 
individual (by us named Holger because of a hole 
in one wing membrane!), were taken 24th of 
September 2004.
You will find pictures at:

I have more pictures (including flying animal), 
so if you search a certain detail I might have 
that in another photo. Please let me know. 
However there are no pictures of teeth.
Many thanks in advance for any suggestion
Börge Pettersson
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