Introducing National Benthic Inventory

JD Dubick JD.Dubick at NOAA.GOV
Wed Feb 2 11:19:04 CST 2005

To all,
I would like to point out the existence of the National Benthic
Inventory (NBI) to those who are interested and have not found it yet.
The NBI can be located at The NBI arose from a wide
variety of coastal environmental monitoring and research studies that
generated invaluable taxonomic reference materials and corresponding
data sets on the biodiversity and abundances of benthic macroinfauna
from estuarine and nearshore waters of the United States of America. The
purpose of the NBI is to present this information in one complete
resource which supports other related programs dealing with important
coastal management, research, and educational issues. The NBI consists
of a dynamic quantitative and completely searchable database on benthic
species distributions obtained from studies conducted by scientists in
the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and
partnering institutions.  In addition to the electronic collection data,
most of the preserved organisms have been retained as either vouchers or
bulk material which are being cataloged continuously into the specimen
collection (also found at NBI web site).

As with any project of this size, the NBI is an ongoing project that is
continuously updated with new data and hopefully with increased
functionality as development progresses. Any comments or questions can
be directed to me.


JD Dubick
National Benthic Inventory

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