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Barry and others,
In the example below, I am using the term "partnering" informally to
denote a collaborative effort between NOAA employees and researchers at
other institutions such as universities, state and local agencies. The
point was to illustrate that information provided in the NBI database is
the result of work conducted by many different institutions and not just
NOAA. I do not know about other government agencies, but believe you
need to go through some paperwork to establish a true "partnership" with
an outside institution.
Hope this helps clarify.


>Date:    Wed, 2 Feb 2005 16:59:02 -0800
>From:    Barry Roth <barry_roth at YAHOO.COM>
>Subject: Re: Introducing National Benthic Inventory
>--- JD Dubick <JD.Dubick at NOAA.GOV> wrote:
>>To all,
>>I would like to point out the existence of the National Benthic
>>Inventory (NBI) to those who are interested and have not found it yet.
>>The NBI can be located at [...] The NBI consists
>>of a dynamic quantitative and completely searchable database on benthic
>>species distributions obtained from studies conducted by scientists in
>>the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and
>>partnering institutions.  [...]
>I would be curious to know whether "partnering" has a specific, formal meaning
>when used as above by NOAA or other US government agencies.  Or is it just an
>informal term that might include, for example, contractual, casual, or
>grant-funded relationships.
>Barry Roth
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