TAXACOM Digest - 1 Feb 2005 to 2 Feb 2005 (#2005-29)

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Thu Feb 3 10:07:03 CST 2005

Thank you, JD.  I figured you were not talking about the legal entity known as
a partnership (which individuals enter into to apportion liability, etc.); but
I wondered how specific a worker's relationship with a government agency might
have to be before he or she could say "I partnered with the __________ Agency."
 Sounds like, if the relationship pertains to individuals at all, one should
inquire in each case.  Not unreasonable.


--- JD Dubick <JD.Dubick at NOAA.GOV> wrote:

> Barry and others,
> In the example below, I am using the term "partnering" informally to
> denote a collaborative effort between NOAA employees and researchers at
> other institutions such as universities, state and local agencies. The
> point was to illustrate that information provided in the NBI database is
> the result of work conducted by many different institutions and not just
> NOAA. I do not know about other government agencies, but believe you
> need to go through some paperwork to establish a true "partnership" with
> an outside institution.
> Hope this helps clarify.
> JD

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