names vs. "names" (was: Names for BioDiv Informatics)

Nico Mario Franz nmf2 at CORNELL.EDU
Tue Feb 8 18:30:19 CST 2005

Dear Dave:

   This was an insightful post. I also liked that you stressed that yours
is a strategy for a library service. Biodiversity researchers or
taxonomists can ill afford separating nomenclature and taxonomy any
more than is already the case. For them, I think, a priority might be
to build an infrastructure that can capture the taxonomic PROCESS over
time, rather than trying to achieve comprehensive "at this moment in
2005" lists of names which no expert judgments and research goals
attached to them.


Nico Franz

"At the library/taxonomy meeting in London this past
weekend, we made a reference to a “second taxonomic
impediment.”  This is the lack of clear separation between
nomenclature and taxonomy both within and between
technological implementations.  Compilations of the two
are based on entirely different rate-limiting steps."
"This separation allows the compilation of known recorded
names, the application of the codes, and the enterprise of
taxonomy to proceed independently."

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