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We have an Olympus system that is a few years old but takes great photos of
micromollusks through a dissecting scope. The camera is an Olympus DP-11 (2
megapixels), and now we are thinking about upgrading it to the latest model,
a DP-70 (12.5 MP), which costs some $7,000, I think. The new camera has not
only better resolution, but lots of new features, and is suitable for  low
light fluorescence. It comes with a good image acquisition software, and the
camera is tethered to a computer, thus eliminating flash media, like the one
we use right now (can only take a few pictures at highest resolution at a
time). Olympus has a wide range of equipment that can be used with these
cameras, including dissecting, compound or inverted microscopes, and a
variety of lenses. I think this camera can also be used with other equipment
to take pictures of larger specimens. We use the camera with a good
dissecting microscope, Olympus SZX12; the system we have (with an old
camera), with several lenses, filters and lights probably costs about

I also use a Nikon CoolPix 5400 (5 MP) attached to the same scope using a
coupler, and it takes good pictures, but the old Olympus camera takes better
photos, despite the lower resolution. This is because the Olympus camera was
designed to be used with a scope, and has better optics and control over
light, exposure, etc., than using a regular digital camera with an adapter.

We like the quality of this Olympus system. I encourage you to check their
website and ask for a demonstration from a vendor in your area.

My two cents.

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I would greatly appreciate any suggestions about what might be
considered 'state of the art' for computer based imaging systems that
can be linked to microscopes, macro lenses etc with a freeze frame
camera, digital capacity including scaling, measurements etc., and
produce publication quality pictures. I would need to limit myself for
what is available in the US.

Some years ago I used a system known as Paxit which along with a Sony
movie camera, microscope attachments and computer, cost about $25,000.
If there are other widely used systems that could be brought to my
attention, or any comment on Paxit in that regard in terms of utility,
quality, scope, and cost, I would be very interested in feedback. As I
am looking to get something for our institution I am starting afresh so
far as knowledge about what is out there and who may supply it.

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