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Tue Feb 15 09:22:21 CST 2005


Were the new classifications (Plstyspermation to Alseuosmiaceae and Soyauxia to
Peridiscaceae) based on phylogenetic analyses?  That is, were the groups formed
by these (and related?) re-allocations hypothesized to be monophyletic?



--- Peter Stevens <peter.stevens at MOBOT.ORG> wrote:

> Not specifically addressing any of the points made, but I thought a
> couple of (plant) examples might be of interest.  These concern the
> New Caledonian Platyspermation (previously very uncertain
> relationships) going to the SW Pacific Alseuosmiaceae (Asterales) -
> and when I went to look, distinctive indumentum, corolla margins,
> etc. were in full agreement with new position. At least some of the
> characters are synapomorphies for Alseuosmiaceae.
> Two weeks ago during lab I looked at seed morphology/anatomy of a
> couple of species of the African Soyauxia (ex Medusandraceae:
> relationships unclear), but very recently (Davis and Chase) placed in
> Peridiscaceae (tropical American: previously Malpighiales, but now
> Saxifragales).  It was very distinctive, with tanniniferous coat, the
> cells being more or less collapsed, very tough endosperm with
> massively thickened cells, etc.  So I looked at a seed of Peridiscus
> yesterday - almost identical.  Unfortunately, there is no material of
> Whittonia, the third genus.

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