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Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 16 18:41:39 CST 2005

Not to choose up sides, but government agencies have no monopoly on
misconstruing or taking out of context the remarks of experts.  There was a
case mentioned on the MOLLUSCA list within the last year or so where the guilty
parties were on the advocacy side.  It would be great if biology curricula
included a unit on "how to make sure you're not misquoted," so that graduates
didn't have to go through the sadder-but-wiser experience that Mark describes.

Barry Roth

--- Mark Egger <m.egger at COMCAST.NET> wrote:

> And here's another appalling example of the misuse of scientific
> information by the upper echelons of the USFWS to de-list species.

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