Evidence for life on Mars???

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 16 23:33:14 CST 2005

Dear All,
      New flash!!??  New evidence of possible life on Mars?  In a "private" meeting, two NASA researchers explain their fascinating new evidence.  Anybody on the edge of their seats yet?  This evidence sound absolutely underwhelming at best.

      Methane fluctuations.  Oh yeah!!  But they correlate with water vapor fluctuations.  What does that probably indicate?  Some Martian caves are probably warmer than others?  So give us a break on this kind of speculation.  NASA is apparently VERY badly in need of some biological consultants to nip this kind of thing in the bud.  Haven't they had enough embarrassments in the last few years.  CH4, boy that is one rare chemical-----NOT.

      I'm am truly hopeful we will find evidence of life on Mars, more likely fossil bacteria, but even extant microbial life wouldn't completely surprise me.  But this kind of evidence is grasping at straws, and it really irks me.  Not that I would favor cutbacks at NASA (unless the savings went to real Biology), but not likely that would happen anyway.  However, if Nature publishes this article in May, the editors of that journal will more than likely get an earful of criticism from me.  And I might get my taxes audited for saying this, but it's probably going to be a very bad four years for the biota of this planet.
        ----- Ken Kinman



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