Boston Harbor Islands ATBI Postdoctoral Fellowship

Brian D. Farrell bfarrell at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Feb 17 08:35:59 CST 2005

Boston Harbor Islands Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Department of Entomology in the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ)
invites applications for the Boston Harbor Islands Postdoctoral Fellowship, located in
the existing biodiversity and island biogeography program in the MCZ.The
incumbent will work with MCZ and National Park Service (NPS) personnel
to develop an All Taxa Biotic Inventory (ATBI) with emphasis on insects and
other invertebrates located on the Boston Harbor Islands national park area.

Additional expectations include participation in educational outreach; for example,
assisting in the development of an online database of the ATBI ongoing
results and linking them to and, and in the development of a public
exhibit for the Harvard Museum of Natural History using this data obtained.
The Fellowship is available for three years, with a desired start date of
May 1, 2005, and possibility of renewal for two additional years.   Please
send a cover letter with a statement of relevant experience and intent, CV,
representative publications and arrange to have three letters of reference
sent to:

Committee for Boston Harbor Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dept. of Entomology
Museum of Comparative Zoology
26 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138.
Harvard University is an equal opportunity employer.

Review of applications will begin on March 15th.

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