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The journal of Afrotropical zoology is mainly devoted to taxonomy, evidently of African animals. 

What follows is a quote from the editorial in the first issue: 



This new RMCA journal is the first to adopt the term 'Afrotropical' in its title, but it is obviously not the first to be devoted to the aspects of zoology cornered by that epithet. In fact, the journal will replace the sub-series "Miscellanea" within the main series formerly entitled 'Annalen van het museum voor Midden-Afrika (serie Zoologie) - Annales du Musée royal de l'Afrique Centrale (série Zoologie)', now partly transformed under the new title 'Studies in Afrotropical Zoology'. This impressive series had two main formats: in-4° and in-8°. The former, which is a large format, started in 1889 with a series of volumes on African fishes by Boulenger, the last publication appearing in 1966. The first volume of the smaller format series was published in 1948, the last publication of which appeared as recently as 2003. Whereas the series was in principle devoted to monographs on the Afrotropical fauna, several volumes, including the last one (vol. 291), contained a number of smaller articles. These journal type volumes, entitled 'Miscellanea', replaced the Journal of African Zoology, a periodical that was started in 1911 as a private initiative by H. Schouteden, who became director of the 'Musée du Congo Belge' in 1927. Initially the journal was called Revue de Zoologie africaine. It changed names several times and between 1927 (vol. 17) and 1974 (vol. 88), it bore the name Revue de Zoologie et Botanique africaines. In 1987, the then editor in chief, P. Basilewski, changed it again to Revue de Zoologie africaine. H. André, the third and last editor, made it bilingual (Revue de Zoologie africaine - Journal of African Zoology) in 1988 and finally dropped the French part to give it its final title Journal of African Zoology in 1994. The journal was discontinued in 1996 after 110 volumes. 

The Revue de Zoologie africaine had been an important outlet for contributions on the Afrotropical fauna, mainly from collaborators of the Royal Museum for Central Africa, and its discontinuation left a serious gap. The recent actualization of the RMCA publications provided an ideal opportunity to fill the gap the Journal of African Zoology had left, by launching the present Journal of Afrotropical Zoology.  


The Journal of Afrotropical Zoology is obviously devoted to the biology of animals living in the tropical part of Africa, including the islands with that climatic regime but excluding the area north of the Sahara. Although the divide between the Afrotropical and the Palaearctic realms is not clear-cut, it is common knowledge that it lies somewhere near the Tropic of Cancer (23°30'N), although some of the mountain areas south of it may contain Palaerctic elements and vice versa for more northern ranges. To the south, the entirety of Africa is included, although the southern tip of the continent is known to have a temperate climate. However, there is no clear zoological boundary between tropical and southern temperate and it is generally accepted that the Afrotropical realm includes all of South Africa.
























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