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John Grehan jgrehan at SCIENCEBUFF.ORG
Wed Feb 23 23:27:04 CST 2005

If you really want to worry about such things, just think of the Celts. When Alexander the Great asked an evoy of Celtic warriors what they feared most, he expected them to say "You, my lord." Instead they replied "We fear only that the sky fall and crush us, or the earth open and swallow us, or the sea rise and overwhelm us." So you are in good company Ken! By the way, Alexander was apparently furious that a tribe of "insignificant" barbariians feared the fantastic more than his realistic military might.
John Grehan


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Dear All,
      I can't shake this continuing bad feeling about earthquakes along the northeastern edge of the Australian plate, especially from eastern New Guinea to Vanuatu and the Tongas.  If there is more imminent tsunami danger lurking out there, this seems to be a rather scary area.  Not that I think another massive 9.0+ is going to strike, but still something to be very concerned about.
     --- Ken

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