Vernacular concepts

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Mon Feb 28 17:32:49 CST 2005

> In fact, I started using the term "vernacular name" instead of "common
> name" because in plants (at least in the United States), there are 
> many attempts to regulate "common names", especially of listed species
> (for which common names are invented when they don't already exist).
> I certainly understand that vernacular names can be studied, as well
> as their often complex relationships to binomials and the complex
> taxonomic concepts that underlie them. Regulating them directly works
> against these studies.

I agree - regulated or invented names of this sort are neither common,
nor vernacular...  they are just another arbitrary drone synonym we have
to document and keep track of, contributing little if anything to
understanding or management of the biota...


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