Vernacular concepts

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Mon Feb 28 17:41:44 CST 2005

Rich wrote: 
> I think that the tricky part is that often there is an imperfect
> correspondence between latin names and vernacular names

Imperfect is such an emotive and disparaging descriptor...  there is
nothing intrinsically imperfect about a vernacular concept or a
vernacular name - they are real... but there often is in the way they
are used or interpreted, arbitrary invention of something that does not
need to exist being the ultimate evil... 

> Clearly there needs to be a many-to-many relationship -- and
> perhaps one that accomodates "in part" correspondence.

That's the right answer - there is nothing wrong or imperfect with a
many-to-many relationship... it just 'is' and has to be accommodated,
referenced, contextualized... that may not be what people want, but hey,
life was not meant to be easy...  :)


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