Update: Nomenclator Zoologicus

David Remsen dremsen at MBL.EDU
Mon Feb 28 12:35:18 CST 2005

Two items:  We have updated the online version of Nomenclator  
Zoologicus based on comments and suggestions from users and we have  
also created an editorial subsystem to ensure fidelity in the  
conversion from a print to a digital record.

Editorial Subsystem:

We have deployed a PHP application for comparing the original print  
record to the converted digital record.  It utilizes HTML divisions and  
Javascript to allow a print record to be aligned as closely as possible  
to it's matching digital record.  Each can be manipulated independently  
to minimize the distance between the two for a rapid assessment of  
conversion accuracy.  A moveable javascript horizontal rule can be use  
as an additional reference point.  Our aim was to streamline the review  
process to minimize eye movement between the two forms of the record.   
Each record is either verified, correct to match the original print  
version, or an optional annotation concerning the content itself can be  
made.  The page automatically is scrolled to the next print record as  
the next digital record is presented.  We find we can review one record  
per 15 second period or 11-14 minutes per page.

Volunteer reviewers are still being sought to assist in verifying the  
accuracy of the conversion.  Currently we are finding less than one  
typographical error per page.  Reviewers of 100 page blocks will  
receive a personal use copy on CD of the final reviewed collection.   
Those who have already offered to help have been contacted.  This is a  
large data collection and the primary users of these data are the  
taxonomic community so assisting in this effort is (I hope) a  
beneficial exercise.

Among the updates to the NZ online application:

* Mapping of 50,000+ cross-references within the NZ.  These cross  
references relate orthographic and nomenclatural relationships that are  
contained with the source volumes.  The methodology for deriving these  
mappings is also included.

* Changes to the display of search results.  To the left of each  
returned record are a set of icons.   Two provide links to the PDF or  
PNG page representations.   One indicates the review status of the  
record.  One indicates the presence of cross-references and one denotes  
the addition of annotations.

* A record detail page displays cross-reference information,  
annotations, and review attribution.  A link is provided to include  
additional annotations.  Annotations can be made anonymously or by  
name.   Adding a name creates a profile that uses sessions so that  
subsequent comments are automatically attributed.

* An updated information section provides details of the conversion,  
information about the editorial subsystem and some summary displays of  
some queries to the entire database.  These include:

        *  a first crack at listing all the homonyms within the NZ (22,000  
sets of names - be patient with the display)  there is a lot of  
unintended duplication within NZ so this list has problems.   Details  
about these issues are included with the listing.

        * additional summaries of the records by author.  The author columns  
were split and parsed according to some commonly-occurring patterns to  
give an idea of who the top authors are.

        * summary by year.

Future directions:

* SOAP interface with LC output would probably be useful.
* incorporation into the uBio NameBank
• additional zoological genera records
• additional biological genera through NameBank
David Remsen
uBio Project Developer
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA 02543

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