Gangolf Jobb gangolf at TREEFINDER.DE
Sat Jan 1 05:27:33 CST 2005

Sorry folks,

I just discovered an error in the November-TREEFINDER: There is a switch
missing in the frontend, which is necessary to estimate the codon position
rates. Those interested in this feature should get the December version,
which is now online at .

By the way - I would like to do a little survey measuring the discontent
among scientists. If you like, you can send me the following data:

(1) Your name.

(2) Your country.

(3) The duration of your professional scientific career so far.

(4) The amount of money that you feel that whatever organization is owing to
you for your unpaid work, after taxes, and summing over your whole
scientific career. If you feel overpaid, then you may send me a negative
value. In order to make debts comparable in different economic environments,
please relate your amount to the price of a house that you would buy in your
country. For example, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is owing me 0.86
houses for my unpaid work on TREEFINDER. Be as exact as possible. If you
have worked in more than one country, please send me (3) and (4) for each
country separately.

If there is enough response, I will publish the distribution of these 'felt
debts to the average scientist' on my webpage. I will not publish your name,
it is just to ensure that everybody is counted only once. Please tell all
your colleagues about the survey!

I wrote the world's fastest maximum likelihood phylogeny program. I did,
what the established bioinformatics community was unable to achieve for
years. And still, nobody feels responsible to support the further TREEFINDER
development by offering me an adequate position in Munich. Look at them!
They are sitting on well-paid and everlasting positions and prevent
innovation by keeping young competitors outside.

Am I ridiculous? Or is it the established science? Is 'biologist' a serious
profession or is it just a hobby for the rich? Is idealism a reliable basis
for scientific progress? Or does it keep the intelligent people away from
science? Is saying 'yes' all the time a good strategy in life? Or is it the
cause of ridiculous payment and stupid funding regulations? Should students
be warned against starting a scientific career? Can anybody tell me why I
should continue this project?

Happy New Year 2005!


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