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Mon Jan 3 05:05:56 CST 2005

Dear All,
the online version of NEAVE's NomenclatorZoolicus (via the uBio website) is
certainly among the outstanding achievements of last year, congratulations!
However, since it probably will be consulted by many more users than the book
version, wouldn't it be helpful to point to the pitfalls and limits of this
In my mind, things like the following should be made explicit:
- the Nomenclator is by no means a complete directory of available
genus-group names for the time period 1758-1994 and availability of names listed in the
Nomenclator is not guaranteed.
- in some cases, the attribution of names to authors & dates is not Code
compliant. For example, there is misleading information on the following 31
important genus-group names in Coleoptera Carabidae, which should be attributed to
BONELLI 1810: Abax, Agonum, Alpaeus, Amara, Anchomenus, Aptinus, Blethisa,
Calathus, Callistus, Cephalotes, Chlaenius, Demetrias, Dinodes, Ditomus, Dolichus,
Dromius, Dyschirius, Epomis, Laemostenus, Lamprias, Melanius, Molops, Oodes,
Pelor, Percus, Platynus, Platysma, Poecilus, Polistichus, Procrustes,
Pterostichus.  (for details see MADGE 1975: The type-species of BONELLI's genera of
Carabidae (Coleoptera, Carabidae). - Quaest. Ent., 11: 579-586).

Best wishes,
Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany

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