GBIF Workshop on Biodiversity Data Modelling

Meredith A. Lane mlane at GBIF.ORG
Mon Jan 3 16:54:50 CST 2005

GBIF, in close collaboration with CONABIO (Mexico) and the University of
Kansas Biodiversity Research Center (KU), is organizing a hands-on
biodiversity data modelling workshop in Mexico City from 4-8 April 2005.
Persons interested in attending the workshop must come from GBIF
Participating countries, and be nominated by the GBIF Delegation of
their country. Deadline for applications is 17 January 2005.  Please see
<> for more information.
Meredith A. Lane, PhD
Public & Scientific Liaison
GBIF Secretariat (+45 3532 1470)
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
mlane at <> <>

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