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I do understand your concerns, but in both Taxonomy and less so in
Nomenclature there is rarely a true concept of a finished product - it's all
work in progress, some more so than others. I'm afraid I've always
subscribed to a 'publish and be damned' philosophy - to quote the final
Director of the International Mycological Institute (who may have lifted
this from elsewhere), most of these products are 'marvellously imperfect
works needed by all'


CABI Bioscience

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Paul Kirk wrote:

> In the world of Mycology the Index Fungorum nomenclator has been
> for almost a decade, everyone and his dog knows about it, Google has
> it, but people still make mistakes, introduce new homonyms, make new
> combinations which are not required, create superfluous names ...
Against this background, why put an unfinished product on the
'market', thereby increasing the chances for confusion?

Martin Spies
c/o Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen

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