Curatorial/Research Position, Farlow Herbarium

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It should have been "collections of bryophytes, fungi, algae and lichens"
because such groups are usually kept in different collection areas. In any
case, given that each group is studied by different specialists, we have the
implied pairing of groups and specialists, which contributes to
understanding the intent of the advertisement. 

I think it's perfect okay in many situations to list both a general topic
and a subset when these are distinguished in practice, such as a "mammal
specialist" and a "cetacean specialist" where one specialist is understood
to be a generalist.

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Not exactly!

Article 13.1. (d) of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature  
(Saint Louise Code) defines:

"FUNGI (including slime molds and lichen-forming fungi) ..." and last  
sentence "For nomenclatural purposes names given to lichens shall be  
considered as applying to their fungal component."

So, we can deduce from this that the "lichen" consist different  
components and only one is "fungus". Fungal component is also called  
"lichen-forming fungus". According to code lichen can not have  
scientific name because it is association of different "components"  

But I agree that sentence "... containing bryophytes, fungi, algae and  
lichens, ..." is unlogical and should be something like "... containing  
bryophytes, fungi (incl. lichen-forming fungi) and algae, ..."


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> Lichens are fungi!
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> From: David E. Boufford [mailto:boufford at OEB.HARVARD.EDU]
> Sent: 11 January 2005 13:17
> Subject: [TAXACOM] Curatorial/Research Position, Farlow Herbarium
> Research Associate/Curatorial Associate
> Requisition #21789
> Harvard University Herbaria
> Salary Grade 056
> Duties & Responsibilities
> The Farlow Herbarium, the unit of the Harvard University Herbaria
> containing bryophytes, fungi, algae and lichens, is seeking an  
> individual
> with research and curatorial expertise with these organisms. The  
> successful
> candidate should have an on-going research program involving taxonomy  
> or
> systematics. He or she will be responsible for the curation of a part  
> of
> the collection and will be responsible for overseeing curatorial staff  
> and
> planning curatorial projects.
> Required Education, Experience, Skills
> Ph.D. in field related to systematics of bryophytes or lichens.
> Demonstrated published research, knowledge of nomenclature rules and
> practices; good interpersonal and communication skills; a demonstrated
> ability to work with people with diverse scientific backgrounds; and  
> must
> be able to lift up to 50 lbs. and to move specimens.
> Additional Web Position Listing Information
> Two year, grant funded position.
> Application should be through Harvard University's on-line application  
> form
> at
> <> 
> <http:
> //>search_req
> For further information please contact Donald Pfister,
> dpfister at

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