Curatorial/Research Position, Farlow Herbarium

Jacques Melot jacques.melot at ISHOLF.IS
Tue Jan 11 16:37:40 CST 2005

  Le 11-01-05, à 17:24 +0200, nous recevions de Urmas Kõljalg :

>Not exactly!
>Article 13.1. (d) of the International Code of Botanical
>Nomenclature (Saint Louise Code) defines:
>"FUNGI (including slime molds and lichen-forming fungi) ..." and
>last sentence "For nomenclatural purposes names given to lichens
>shall be considered as applying to their fungal component."
>So, we can deduce from this that the "lichen" consist different
>components and only one is "fungus". Fungal component is also called
>"lichen-forming fungus". According to code lichen can not have
>scientific name because it is association of different "components"

    Parfaitement exact, mais la réponse de Paul Kirk était de l'humour !

>But I agree that sentence "... containing bryophytes, fungi, algae
>and lichens, ..." is unlogical and should be something like "...
>containing bryophytes, fungi (incl. lichen-forming fungi) and algae,

    Le langage a une fonction de communication. En ce sens, la
formulation de David Boufford est correcte et intelligible par tous.

    « Lichen » est un terme défini et précis. Si je présente une
espèce d'Usnea et demande « Est-ce une mousse ? », la réponse sera
« Non, c'est un lichen. » (la réponse ne sera pas « Non, c'est un
champignon. » !).

    Si David Boufford écrivait uniquement « [...] Herbaria containing
bryophytes and fungi », une question probable serait : « Do you
include lichens in fungi ? ».

    Par conséquent, oui, la formulation de David Boufford est
satisfaisante : elle est suffisamment informative et parfaitement

    Avec mes meilleurs regards,

    Jacques Melot

>Prof. Urmas Kõljalg
>40 Lai Str.
>Institute of Botany and Ecology
>University of Tartu
>EE-51005 Tartu
>On Tuesday, Jan 11, 2005, at 15:46 Europe/Helsinki, Paul Kirk wrote:
>>Lichens are fungi!
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>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: David E. Boufford [mailto:boufford at OEB.HARVARD.EDU]
>>Sent: 11 January 2005 13:17
>>Subject: [TAXACOM] Curatorial/Research Position, Farlow Herbarium
>>Research Associate/Curatorial Associate
>>Requisition #21789
>>Harvard University Herbaria
>>Salary Grade 056
>>Duties & Responsibilities
>>The Farlow Herbarium, the unit of the Harvard University Herbaria
>>containing bryophytes, fungi, algae and lichens, is seeking an individual
>>with research and curatorial expertise with these organisms. The successful
>>candidate should have an on-going research program involving taxonomy or
>>systematics. He or she will be responsible for the curation of a part of
>>the collection and will be responsible for overseeing curatorial staff and
>>planning curatorial projects.
>>Required Education, Experience, Skills
>>Ph.D. in field related to systematics of bryophytes or lichens.
>>Demonstrated published research, knowledge of nomenclature rules and
>>practices; good interpersonal and communication skills; a demonstrated
>>ability to work with people with diverse scientific backgrounds; and must
>>be able to lift up to 50 lbs. and to move specimens.
>>Additional Web Position Listing Information
>>Two year, grant funded position.
>>Application should be through Harvard University's on-line application form
>>For further information please contact Donald Pfister,
>>dpfister at

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