ID musings (was: Judge orders removal of anti-evolutionstickersfrom textbooks inGeorgia school district)

Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Fri Jan 14 18:30:37 CST 2005

Richard Pyle wrote:

>  I have had some interesting
> discussions with ID proponents, who acknowledge that so-called
> "microevolution" is real, but that major lineages (what would otherwise be
> the product of so-called "macroevolution") were designed independently and
> are of separate origin.  The task of the ID-taxonomist would be
> to try figure out which clusters of divergent populations of organisms
> represent the product of microevolutionary radiation; and which represent
> the products of separate and distinct origins.  I imagine that in place of
> the Linnean taxonomic ranks, ID-taxonomy would have only two: "Created",
> and "Evolved".  That would sure make my job of developing taxonomic
> databases a WHOLE lot easier....

* it's been pointed out before on this list (by Barry Roth?) that if
creationists (or intelligent designers) were real scientists they'd be
occupied with the question that occupied pre-darwinian creationist
biologists (Linneaus, Agassiz, etc): the delimitation of created
'kinds.' That they don't do this (and secondarily don't find any
characters that delimit these kinds) is evidence of something...

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