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Thank you Fabio.  Reconciling the record position on the page image is
looking to be a useful function and something I am going to re-examine
the next time we undertake a conversion.   One might have to do some
recalculations if the source page is resized for onscreen display but
it would sure be easier than what we are doing now.

We are actually having pretty good success estimating the record
position on the page simply by determining the pixel position where the
text starts and then, based on the character count of the record,
estimating how many lines the record occupy on the page.  Then we use
javascript to scroll to that point in the division displaying the page.
   If we had 'real' coordinates that would make it that much better.


On Jan 18, 2005, at 12:45 PM, Fabio Moretzsohn wrote:

> Hi Rich and David
> Just FYI - Last night I used the OCR program that I mentioned before,
> Read
> Iris Pro 9, and discovered that it DOES show the coordinates of the
> cursor
> on the page (in a separate window), but I don't know if it stores the
> coordinates on a table or if can output them to a file. I could not
> explore
> more since my wife needed to use the computer. There is a version 10
> of the
> software
> (
> Maybe the company would tell you if their program can output the
> coordinates
> to a database, as you mentioned in a previous message:
> Rich wrote:
>>> However, I'm not aware of any OCR software that can output these
>>> coordinates as values that can be stored in a database.  And, since
>>> the
>>> service that David contracted with doesn't seem willing to 'fess up
>>> that
>>> they used OCR, they'd probably be reluctant to provide those mapping
>>> coordinates even if they did have them.
> By the way, David, the job position for a Bioinformatics Taxonomist
> you just
> posted at Taxacom seems very interesting!
> Cheers,
> Fabio
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